Header icon click ==> shows FocusGroup menu ==> make reusable item

I have made a very nice menu, but I need that to be a REUSABLE ITEM to use on all my different pages…
That’s where I’m lost in the Bubble… :innocent:

What I did:
Top bar 50p height with a menu icon.
Clicking on the icon het menu is showing a GroupFocus with a menu in it like Gaby explained in her video.

In black the GroupFocus MENU item that pops up when clicking the icon

Here is what I have (on a page) and works very well:

I want this Menu (top bar including the icon and the GroupFocus) to convert in to a reusable item.

I have tried but facing some problems:

The new reusable element is in full width of the topbar AND the full length of the GroupFocus bar (is it still a GroupFocus element?)

I have tried to select a background “none” so that it do not hide the rest of my page, but then the rest of my page is not clickable

Or I can’t click on the menu as it is not on top of the page, or I can’t click on the rest of the page

Your help is much appreciated!

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