Group focus attached to repeating list item?

Hi everybody!

I’m new to bubble and i’m currently playing around with all the interface features. Now i’m facing the problem with creating a context-menu-style group focus for repeating list items. When i attach a group focus to a button within the repeating list item, it does not show up in preview mode. I have a workflow for the button to make the group focus visible.

Would that be possible, anyway?


Can you share a link in run mode?

Hi, thanks for replying!

Here is a link to the app (i made a public accessible copy) :

The phone icon in the repeating list should trigger a context menu (group focus), but it doesn’t. When i use a regular button outside the repeating group it seems to work like a charm.

After i prepared the app with the additional check button i noticed that even this button refused to trigger the show event without any comprehensible reason. It somehow got messed up. Only after i removed the button and the group focus and started from scratch it worked again.

That’s indeed a limitation we have right now, because floating groups are at the page level. i’ll think about it, but in the meantime, please use a regular group and a close button. not the best UX, but that’ll work.

Ok thanks, i’ll try that! But i believe, the regular group cannot be attached to each list item. Can you think of another way to have a context menu sort of thing for a RG item as a workaround? Maybe an expanding cell for instance?

Beside that let me take the chance to tell you that i’m totally thrilled by bubble! It seemes to perfectly cover the gap between frontend and backend, design and functionality. It perfectly fits to my strong design focus and rather basic programming skills. Finally i see myself enabled to realize any idea i had before - by myself! I’ve been looking for this kind of development environment for ages. I’m excited that i’ve most likely found it now. Thanks for that!

Best, Jeremias


Well you could have the group inside each cell.

Or set a custom state on the click of the icon, and then have the group pull that in ? Although that seems a lot harder than it should be, hmmm.

You can also have a popup to and send data to an element in that popup.

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Thanks @emmanuel, @NigelG and @vincent56!

I decided to go for @emmanuel’s solution, it works quite tidy. Sorry @NigelG, i did not really understand your suggestion though, most likely because i’m still rookie level :eyeglasses:

However, here is the result: []

Thank you!

Hey @jeremias.steinmann (& @NigelG) - it has been a long time since this tread - I wonder if there is now a more elegant solution? @sridharan.s any ideas on how to display a menu (group) inside a repeating group without it getting distorted?

Also, I have a menu, as hidden group inside a RG, which can be opened. On Firefox the items gets distorted, have you ever had that problem?

Yes. Here’s the approach I use.

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