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Heads up. New beta can create massive errors on your app

Just a PSA. I upgraded to the responsive beta and instantly had 450 errors on the index that weren’t there before. I reverted back to the copy and thank god the errors went away. My app had zero errors before the upgrade. Then 450 instantly.
It seemed like the upgrade renamed a bunch of elements to the new alignment speak. Everything is looking for something that’s not there anymore. It’s really hard to fix errors I don’t recognize with a new system I don’t understand. I watched the incredibly in depth, 4 min video.
Anyways, Just be careful if you are needing a page to be live, of if a page is live, good chance your app could suddenly have errors on it. This app is just a simple website. Nothing complex at all. I’m afraid to see what would happen to the other app I’m building that’s waaaay bigger.
Save your page first! Bubble prompts you to do it. Thank you Bubble for that.
I’m sure it will get worked out at some point. Just a shock when you first see that.


Yeah when I updated my Index page I had 138 errors instantly. I refreshed the page and they went away, but sometimes it shows back up randomly later on. Refreshing the editor usually does the trick.

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