Upgrading to new responsive very problematic!

Has anyone else had a problem upgrading even a single page to the new responsive engine?

Upgrading one page via the Editor resulted in my LIVE version becoming completely screwed up! My customers can no longer use it. I even confirmed with Bubble this should not have been the case.

On December 21st, Tenzin Dasel with Buble Support stated this: "However, you are right that the live version should not be affected until something’s deployed to live. "

Bubble is now basically blowing me off. Eram Alam just sent me this today:

“In general, we are unable to retrieve a version of your branches from two months ago, as this falls beyond our typical retention periods. We’re also unable to provide live one-on-one support; for this, we suggest reaching out to the Forum or get a Coach. We’re very sorry for the limited action…”

My response:

So let me get this straight. Are you suggesting that in addition to the time I’ve wasted, I continue paying my monthly subscription fee, and hire outside consultants to help me fix a problem Bubble is responsible for creating? I mean… come on!


Did you update without creating a copy? I don’t understand. In my case, I do create copies and continue to deploy the old responsive engine version while working on the new responsive engine on the new page. Ideally, if your one-page app was index, on upgrade your index will be new version and bubble creates I think index_old/_res or something like that. What you then do is to make index_old the index page and as a result you retain your index as the old responsive engine. You can continue updating the new responsive engine in the meantime. However, if you have no copy then I guess you just made an unfortunate mistake. Bubble is a tool that lets you do what you want, including converting to the new engine without a copy. Sorry but if Bubble cleans db after your plan limits to manage cost then they are off the hook. Maybe check ToS.

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I agree with @koechamos51 , bubble explains clearly that you should make a backup of every page.

I’m sorry you’re having this issue.

It’s a new year and I’m feeling generous! I’d be happy to donate an hour of time if you want to make a list of exactly what pages need some help.

DM me and I’ll share my email so you can add me as a collaborator if you wish.


The comment below made me understand.
So the issue is your live version became affected when dev page was changed. That’s very strange and something only bubble support would be able to help with.

With or without having made a copy of his page Bubble should never have implemented these changes automatically in the live version (what I assuming that is the issue here…).

You are absolutely right and you should try to escalate this issue to a higher support tier. This is a real issue and they should be able to fix it…

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Thank you so much for the quick response. First of all, I did make a back up copy of the page in question. That said, I actually did a quick Meet with @koechamos51 and quickly learned what I needed to do. He suggested I simply convert all my existing pages to the new responsive engine (making copies of course) and set them to fixed width. That seems to do the trick. If only Bubble Support had suggested this early on I could have saved myself a ton of work and headaches.

I plan to deploy an update a live version tomorrow. I’m very relieved… and so too will be my customers!

Again, thank you!!

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Thanks rpetibu… and I agree completely!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am following your advice and things are starting to look up. Couldn’t have done it without you. I am forever in your debt. If you ever get to the Chicago area, let me know. The drinks are on me!

Did you know you can revert without a savepoint? Revert to a specific time before you made the change and deploy that version live to go back where you were and see if that helps. If everything you’ve said here is correct though, you’re hardly in the wrong.