Anyone else experiencing a large number of errors this week?

Anyone come back after the weekend and experience mass amount of errors in their app that weren’t around last week? Left last week with <20 errors and came back to over 300

Ex: We’ve made no changes to our user datatype in 3+ weeks and all of our privacy rules using the “roles” option set are all throwing “null” errors & a large amount of our backend workflows are erroring due to “null”

Even some that seem like a bubble error where instead of a red box the value’s have even changed themselves to “null”

Many of our elements on pages that worked fine for months and haven’t been touched in a long time are now are throwing errors claiming that “no style” isn’t an option…

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 2.03.24 PM

Maybe this?

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This happens if you copy an element from another app into the new app and Bubble can’t find the relevant style in the new app, it’s annoying that it makes you go through every element and click ‘none’ again…

EDIT: those ‘null’ errors are a bit whack though. Is it a deleted data field that you cleaned up or something?

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Most likely, kinda weird it’s nulling many of them. I even have backend workflows (that don’t chain) that have a parameter such as “user to check” and when using that same exact param in the workflow it’s claiming the param itself doesn’t exist.

On some that’s what it looks like. They were just never caught in the past. However a lot of the errors are also referring to our “roles” option set which hasn’t changed, is still in the app, and if I just change it back to the exact same expression it works fine.

That’s right - if you deleted a field, it might look like ‘Current user’s deleted is yes’ and would remain blue rather than throwing an error (which I think was the wrong behaviour but Bubble couldn’t decide whether that was expected behaviour or a bug)

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If they fixed the deleted field bug that would be amazing, I am tired of optimizing just to force-delete it