Heap Analytics Setup

Hi Guys,

I’ve installed the Heap Analytics plugin and created an account on the Heap Analytics website. Added the App ID to the Plugin page.

Can someone help me understand how the Plugin works or what the difference is with just using the web based version?

I have been using the Event Visualizer to create events on all the relevant clickable elements, it doesn’t seem to be pulling any User ID information from the Plugin.

Would appreciate anyone sharing their experience, tips or resources you found useful when setting it up.



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Heap is an analytics platform that enables you to retroactively answer any question about your customer behavior. Our platform automates away the pain of data by automatically capturing every user touchpoint without the need to write any code.

Hi, Were you able to set up heap analytics? How did you go about?

It looks like I need to add an api call on every clickable element that sends the action to heap. What’s the difference between doing this and simply setting up my own analytics by creating a custom dashboard on a different page in my app? I was thinking maybe it’s just as easy to create a data table to log user events and then I can manipulate the data in way I need to for viewing purposes.