Plugin: Heap Analytics (Reposting)

I have put together a simple plugin for Submitting Data to Heap Analytics and retrieving a user_ID from them, for instance to ID a user when they are not logged in. I am also including the following screen shots of the configuration of the plugin for people trying to learn how plugins work.


Thank you for this! Very helpful from the perspective of setting up a plugin.

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@matt3 thanks for the plugin. QUick question. When i add the plugin… each page shows “”);" without the quotes at the top of each page.Is this needed due to info in the header?

Sorry haven’t been on here for a while, I will check it out.

I just tested on my machine and was not able to reproduce I also took a look through the code just to see if I missed something and didn’t see anything there.

Can you verify that if you disable the plugin that it goes away?


nice plugin thanks. I’m having some issues if you can help.

For some reason both the dev and live version of my app are sending data to the Dev dashboard on heap. Here, the JS on the live version shows the dev app ID. Bug?


I don’t think it’s a bug, it would have to be an issue with Bubble itself. The changing from dev to production keys is handled totally by Bubble, from a code perspective nothing changes just where Bubble pulls the value from if that makes sense. My guess is its possibly being cached or I have noticed that sometimes front-end options that change instantly take a little time to be reflected in Bubble’s back-end.

Thanks for checking @matt3. this must be something my end although i had checked before posting

Interesting. I cleared the dev app id (so both version had the prod id). Then added back the dev id. That seems to have worked.

Thanks for creating this plugin? Quick question: does it work in the development version? Because I’ve added the AppID both for the production and development versions but it doesn’t go past the following screen:

Is there anything else I have to do? Cheers

I haven’t messed with this for a while but I just tested it and it seems to still work. After signing up you can go back to the heap homepage and view your dashboard. You will have to make sure that you are looking at the proper IDs data. The plugin only requires that you enter your ID to work (there is some additional functionality with elements and actions to store a users name or retrieve it but they are not required for base functionality) and works in both dev and production environments. If you are still having trouble let me know and I will help where I can.

Thanks for your quick response! The issue was not your plugin as I found out that one of my Chrome Extensions (uBlock) was preventing the website to track me, so it wasn’t generating any data to be visualized on Heap Analytics. As soon as I deactivated the extension, it all worked smoothly. Have a great day!