Issue in showing all users data to current user

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when current user click’s on text users it has to navigate to a new page and it has to show all the users details

What’s the problem you’re having?

im new to bubble my problem is i dont know how to do it the issue is when a user clicks on text user it has to navigate to the new page and display all the users details in the app

Have you been through the basic Bubble Tutorials? If not, I’d start with them.

no but the thing is i want all the users with their profile pictures

From what I’ve gathered, you are have multiple users you are trying to display, and when one of them is clicked you want to go to their profile page. To do this you need 2 pages.

On the first page you need a repeating group. In this repeating group you need to set the type to user and the data source is do a search for users. What this does is in each cell of the repeating group there will be a different user, and the elements you put in there can use that user datatype to look different from eachother. You can put in their names and profile pictures and whatever you want in each cell. Then you want to create a workflow for whenever their name is pressed. This workflow says navigate to page 2 and send the data of current cell’s user. On this page you can also add elements and use current page user as the data behind it.

But honestly if you are this early in your bubble career, @adamhholmes is right, you should just follow a tutorial series. This one is short and easy to do:

Good luck on your project!

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Yes, I understand what you’re trying to do, and it really is about as simple as it gets with Bubble to to that…

But, as @wknepp points out, if you haven’t even learnt the very basics of using Bubble yet (such as how to do what you’re asking about), nothing anyone explains in here is going to make much sense to you…

So spend some time learning the basics, then you’ll see how simple what you’re trying to do is.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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thank u

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thank you

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