Hello everybody. Am I the only one having problems with conditionals?

Already configured conditionals are gone. And I can’t add a new one.

I’m having same issue. and it extends to creating new conditions. I can’t even pick current date/time for a API workflow schedule:

@gulak6 I figured it’s another example of bubble releasing updates without properly testing them, but am getting this same issue on the new version (24) and prior versions).

Nothing but empty values in there when I looked at a dropdown just now. They mentioned changing the expression builder in the July update. Guessing this is related.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 2.47.42 PM

I sent a request to support.

Also having this problem, submitted a bug report about 2 hours ago and they elevated it to a tier 2 problem so I expect they’ll have a fix ASAP.

I guess we all have different definitions of ASAP… :grin:

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I’m experiencing the same issue.

Looks like the issue has been resolved for my app

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