Hello, im new here and need your help!

Hello everyone, i hope you are all fine. I need help in creating something and ive tried multiple times but no success so i figured id ask the amazing community to guide me so that i can learn. I want to create an input area where a customer can input a desired amount for a product, and send it as an offer to the seller, and then the seller has the option to accept, reject or counter it.
Please guide me, thank you all in advance :smile:

So you probably already have the ‘product’ data type, if not, create it.

Then add another data type, something like ‘bid.’ Add a data field for status (so it would hold the accepted, countered, rejected states).

Now back in the product data type, add a data field called ‘bids’ (list of bids). Every time a user creates a bid, you’d add that bid to the product data type bids field.

Hope that helps,

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