Adding a list of products

Hi, Im trying to figure out how to add a list of products/items to my app, I think i need to create a page that houses these products/items which Ive done, but now Im stuck … can anyone help?

Hey There @nickslater32 I will break it down quickly for you. There are a few main important steps.

#1 go to the data tab on the left and create a new data type called products. Then create fields for that data type (left side of the same screen) for example name, price, etc.

#2 on the top of the same page click on the app data tab. and press new entry. Here you can manually add items to that database from the backend using those fields name, price, etc.

#3 you will now be able to reference those items on any page using a variety of different elements.

As you are new I highly recommend you watch some basic tutorial youtube videos or take the starter lessons. :+1:

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If you are on a paid plan you can import data from a CSV in the data tab

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