Help about data migration

I have an already app live and have users and other data. I have been working on another version and restructed the database. I have removed some of the things and fields. Which means now I have a newer structure on development. For me, I want to have the kind that new structure that I have on development to be the one used on live database. However, I want that I don’t loose some of users data and other data of things found on live database. How can I do it? Can I copy from development to live, or can I first copy from live to dev, how can I go about this. Any help or related resource could help me. I can’t make up my mind. I am stuck.

It depends. You don’t need to copy the whole database from one environment to another. You can select data types on one env and copy just this type to the other env. But if you change fields in one data type and copy this type to another env your data will be lost.

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