Help adding users to lists

Hi All,

I am quite new to bubble but slowly finding my feet. I am struggling on one aspect though and would really appreciate your help.

So I have an activities table. In that table I have a user_waiting field (list of users), user_approved field (list of users), user_extra field (list of users)

What I would like to do is create a workflow to add a user to any of those 3 lists by clicking on a button in a repeating list of users.



The above are the tables I have and also an example of what I am looking to do.

So when the user clicks on the flag (just an example icon) in the users repeating group, it adds that user to the Users waiting approval repeating group on the right.

I cannot find the option to do this, I am going around in circles.

Thank you in advance.


The Users awaiting approval RG should have its data source set to activity.activity_waiting and then the workflow for the flag icon is a “Make changes to a thing”. The thing you will change is the activity in question, and the change is activity_waiting add Current Cell’s User.

make sense?


You will need to know the Activity you are adding users to …

Then when you click the flag you do a “Make changes to a thing” … select the thing you want to change (in this case the Activity) and then select the List you want in the “Change Another Thing” box.

Use the “Add” function to add the “Current cell’s User”.


Thank you both for your replies, much appreciate. When I click ‘make changes to a thing’ I don’t get the option for an activity as the icon is in a ‘users’ repeating list?

I just can’t seem to find the option that finds the activity waiting field/list?

Thanks in advance

What is the activity that you are trying to change ?

Is it a single activity, or a list ?

I am trying to add a user to an activity, so I am trying to add a user to a user list I have created in the activity table.


So you would not use the “Make changes to a list” action. You would use the “Make Changes to a Thing” action, the type of thing you’re changing is an Activity. Then, in the field to modify, you would select the User List, then use the “add” command, then select the user.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply, I will give that a shot and let you know how it goes.


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