Problem adding to a list of thing (repeating group+popup+ list of things)

Hello Everyone,

I would like to ask if someone can help me with my situation.

I have created a repeating group that includes some data in every cell

When clicking the button from this repeating group, a popup will show displaying data from the current cell. Within the popup there are 2 groups, kind of like a 2 Step process before making the change

Finally what i want is that when “confirmed” the current user is added to a list of users ( called in this case “ofertantes”) this is the workflow im using

The problem is that it ends up adding the current user to all the entries of the data type

And what i want is to add the user to the specific entry that i selected from the repeating group and im interacting with. Something like this

Can anyone help me here please?

Thanks in advance

When you click the button in the demandas repeating group, are you setting a state on your pop up for the selected demanda?

Your circled workflow needs to be “make change to a demandas” … do a search for demandas where unique Id is (selected demanda… is this in a state?):first item

Set your user on that record.
Buena suerte!

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Hi Richard…

Indeed i wasn’t setting the state on the popup. It works now.

Gracias :slight_smile:

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This is right!

Have A Nice Day,

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Hi @anon26152888 ,

I taught i solved it but i still have problems getting the results i want.

“Demandas” is a data type, so following what @richard10 suggested, i should add the user to the current cell’s thing, but when i try doing the search for that, bubble says that “demandas” is a list of things and automatically set it to first item.

Which is why i taught i had solved the problem, since when testing it was working. Of course now the user is added only to the first “demanda”.

But what i need is that the user is to be added to different “demandas” that he will be selecting from the repeating group’s cells and confirming via the popup.

I guess this is what i’m geeting wrong

In my mind the logic is simple, i should pass the data from the repeating group to the popup, the user confirmed his action and then i should do a search for the specific demandad belonging to the current cell and add the current user to the list of users (“ofertantes” in this case) . I just don’t seem to figure it out with bubble.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ok, make a state on the pop up that is a demanda
When you click it in the row on the repeating group, you can set the state to be “current cell’s demanda” and show the popup
Now your popup controls can look at the value in the state

Yess!! i finally got it.

I was changing the state of the popup, but i needed to change the state of the repeating group, am i correct?. Here is how i did it:

I tried following the step you proposed

But as soon as i “do a search for” bubble give me the same error i mentioned before and automatically changes the action to “make a change to a list of demandas”

Instead i was able to do this

So i was able to change the demandas with the “selected state” and add the current user. It seems to work now :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the help.

If you think i’m missing something, please let me know


Looks great!
Well done!