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Trouble adding text to a list of another user... Any advice gratefully received


I am trying to set up a workflow where text from an input box will be added to a data field of another user, a ‘Master User’ (type - text, list).

For some reason I am struggling. I have tried searching for user in the workflow, as well as setting up a repeating group where the master user is and can be the only result, and then trying to add through that - but it just won’t seem to accept any combination of instructions I supply - always red!

Does someone know how to do this? I’m sure it’s simple and is staring me in the face - but I just can’t seem to see it.

Cheers in advance.

Do you have Master User set up as a field within the User data type? If so, you are making changes to a User, and then changing the field ‘Master User’ by adding the value of the text input to the list of texts. This seems to work in the way you are describing. :slight_smile:

**I just changed the example a bit because it will probably be easier for you to make changes to the User (defined by the data sent to the page), instead of doing a search for a User, setting up constraints, and selecting first item.

Hi Faye,

Thanks for that. Gone over my head somewhat.

I am probably doing things the wrong way, but currently I have all my data fields set up under the one type - i.e. Users. When I referred to Master User, I simply mean me as Administrator. I have some data fields which will not be accessible to other users, but which I am using as sources to populate dropdown inputs and search inputs as dynamic data.

What I am trying to achieve is that, when someone cannot find what they want in the dropdown or search box (i.e. from the complete list I have in my unaccessible data field), they can input into another input what they want, and then that would be added to the master list I have. So, they have the field (because all my fields are in the User type), but I want to set up a workflow where they change my version of that field and not theirs.

Hope that makes sense.

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Gotcha! No it’s not wrong. :slight_smile: It may be easier for you though to create another Data Type called Administrator. Then you can associate yourself (as a User), with the Administrator Data Type (see field: Associated User in picture below). Basically, regular ‘Users’ who use your app would just be considered Users, and then you would be considered the only Administrator. That way, you can add other fields within the Administrator data type only relevant to you – minimizing all the empty fields that typical Users would have if you kept everything within the User. That will make querying things easier I think.

In the forum example, I made the User ‘Carl’ an Administrator for example purposes.

Once a text is entered into the text input and the button is clicked, it is added to his list of texts, which populates the dropdown.

(I typed in “Dropdown Value 1” and “Dropdown Value 2” to test)

Thanks Faye - starting to make some sense to me now.

How would I go about making my user account the associated user in the administrator type? Would I set up a workflow to enter the data, or is there a simpler way?

Thanks for all your help on this btw.

No problem at all :slight_smile: I used to put everything under the User too, and it’s not wrong but this way things will be easier to read in the ‘App Data’ tab, and easier to set up querying your data later on.

In this example, I made Carl an Administrator by using a button and workflow. Right now, in your app, after you set up the Administrator Data Type with the two fields – your app currently has 0 Administrators (if you look in App Data, click Administrators, there’s nothing). So, now we need to create a new entry in that Administrator’s spreadsheet. So we’ll go back to the editor, and make it so when that green button is clicked, we’re going to ‘Create a New Thing’ (Administrator), and the Associated User will be the Current User (you, as long as you are logged in under your account). The list of texts will be empty by default, but that will be updated by the workflow of the other button. Then we’ll delete the button 'Make Current User Administrator" because we don’t want anyone else to be an Administrator. :slight_smile:


Workflow of button:

**Ah, I just realized technically the ‘Creator’ default field within the Administrator data type will already associate you with the new Administrator entry… So, you won’t need an Associated User field. :slight_smile: You could just click ‘Create a New Administrator’ and if your logged in, you are the Creator by default.

Hi Faye,

This is what I have done (same as you suggested I believe), but when I check the data nothing is being added - All fields under the Administrator type remain empty - including Associated User - and I have done a view to include unique ID (where I believe my unique ID should now show). Any suggestions?

Here’s different approach as there’s a 1000 ways to skin a cat.

LOG IN as [email protected] password g so you can make administrators.

I don’t want to confuse so I won’t expand on the explanation any further but I used a boolean function.

Play around with it if you want - Just explore the work flow tab and I hope this helps.

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Are you logged in with your email address in your app? If so, try it again. I think you may be logged out? If you are logged in, try refreshing the App Data page.

And what @dylan.phillipslevine said is definitely useful to understand if a User is an Administrator. Since your the only Administrator – you would be the only User with that value of the boolean being ‘yes’. You can use this to make certain elements visible to only you (using a conditional statement such as 'When Current User’s ‘Administrator (field)’ is yes–> this element is visible". But, I think your objective was to organize/store a Master lists of texts from all Users, for you to view only. Since you are the only one seeing these values, I named the Data Type “Administrator”. The Data Type doesn’t need to be called “Administrator”, it could be called “Search” or anything which helps you know that this Data Type contains all the values of the inputs from your application’s Users. Administrator is just a way of labeling (and perhaps not the most straightforward way). Sorry to be confusing :frowning: Here is an example:

For example:

Let’s say you have a website about cars, and Users can enter their favorite models of specific cars, that you get to see only in four different masters lists of texts. So you could have 4 pages in your app (One page for Teslas, one for Mercedes, one for Volvos and one for Hondas). Each page, contains its own input, submit button, and dropdown which displays the text values associated with that model, which Users have submitted. Instead of something like “Administrator” you could call the new Data Type “Car”, and within that – have 4 fields:

First Field: Models of Teslas, Type: Text, List: Yes
Second Field: Models of Mercedes Type: Text, List: Yes
Third Field: Models of Volvos, Type: Text, List: Yes
Fourth Field: Models of Hondas, Type: Text, List: Yes

So, those master lists can be stored all within the “Car” Data Type – containing the values created by all Users of your application. You get to decide that all values are being added to those lists, and also who gets to see those lists (you can set it so you only you have the ability to view the dropdown, using Dylan’s example – “When Current User’s Administrator is yes’–> this element is visible”.

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Faye and Dylan - thanks very much.

I think I have gotten it working now using the Administrator data type (for some reason the app data wasn’t refreshing even when I pressed refresh data - so I closed and logged back in and there were 6 Administrators listed - all me - I have deleted 5, keeping only the first one).

I can now add and remove from those, both as me (Admin) and as another user.

However, I have now run into another issue. I am trying to display an administrator text field (list) as dynamic data in a dropdown list on a user page. I was able to do this when I had everything under current user, but now it doesn’t seem to be working. I know the data (list) is there - it is in the app data, and I also have it listed on my administration page. I loaded the list in bulk. This is what happens when I test - just a long black box.

And this is what I have set up for finding the dynamic data

I’ve never seen a long black box before - How much data are you trying to present in the drop down? Without getting under the hood, it’s kind of hard to diagnose the problem. If you post your app publicly, we’ll be able to get down the roots a lot easier. If you don’t feel “safe” posting it to the forum (it’s very safe here but you never know), feel free to PM me.

Also, don’t trust anyone on the internet.

Good luck!

Cheers Dylan. There are over 500 text items in the list, so that may be the issue.

I have also tried to use a search box, but am having trouble setting up the source for that.

I’ll play around some more and will PM you if I need to - thanks for the invite.

BTW - how do I PM you? :confused:

Just click my name. Notifications show up in the upper right.