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hi i am trying to making it so when you click the heart in a repeating group row it will display a 1 then on the other page it will display the row and everything inside with the most likes
i only got to night to finish this for my school

Show us what you have so far.

help 2

do you need any more

Hi if anyone can help me I got give 1 more day

I think you are looking for a worfklow along the lines of…

When the heart is clicked, the workflow action you want is… Make changes to a thing

And the thing you’re changing is current cell’s suggestion. The field you are changing is the likes field and set its new value as the current value +1.

PS also I think Bubble has posted some tutorials on this kind of stuff. Maybe this one helps:

thank you so match
just a quick question
how can i do it so the post with the most likes will show on a different page because
on the ipads at my school there will be one for voting and there will be another ipad showing the post with the most amount of likes

Create a new page. If you want to show all the suggestions ranked by the # of likes, create a repeating group of suggestions and put the sort order by the likes field descending.

i only need it to show one post

Then create a group, and set the group’s data source as do a search for suggestions: first item. Sort by # of likes, descending. That should return the highest voted post.

In the group you can then put in text fields for the suggestion’s title, # of votes, etc.

sorry to be such a pain i got ADHD and i find it hard to follow instruction from text is it possible if you can sand me a screen shot of how it is meant to look

You tell Bubble to do a search for posts, to sort the posts by the # of votes, and then to show you only the first item. That first item is then the data source for the group. And in that group you can put the text for details on the post. Something like the below… try it out and test it to make sure it works.

i done what you said but when i add a new post it merges with other post


If the title text is within the group, then write it like the below:


You’ve already done the search for the suggestion you want to show and assigned that suggestion to the group. So when you put text elements in the group, just have it pull from the suggestion assigned to the group.

Note that you can also assign the highest ranking suggestion to the page itself, using the same process you used to assign it to the group. You don’t need a group then, and can just have the text elements pull from the parent.

it doesn’t give me an option for parent group

Your text element must not be sitting inside of the group. If it was, the first option would be “Parent group’s suggestion”, similar to below.


thank you so match
hi how can i do it so when someone put a title in the search box it will find the title on the repeating group and go to it

If what you are asking is… someone selects a title in the searchbox element, and you want it to scroll to that post in the repeating group, then…

Go to your workflows and select “An input’s value is changed”


In that workflow box put in the name of the searchbox element. Then create a workflow step to scroll to the entry, using the below:


In the box for that scroll to step, you say the entry to scroll to is:


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