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Help: AWS S3 bucket access thru a bubble app only

Hi there, help please.

How can I restrict my AWS S3 bucket to be accessible only by my app in bubble?

Use case:

  • I want to be able to show an image saved to my S3 bucket only to those accessing it thru my app/website. If url is opened in a new blank tab, the image access should be denied.

did you find a solution for this ? thanks

Sorry bro, but didn’t find a clear solution yet

Hi Guys!

You will need to create a Bucket Policy to prevent access from external users.

Are you using any plugin to integrate Bubble and AWS bucket?

If you are managing your own S3 bucket, you may find this website helpful. However, if bubble is managing your S3 bucket, I don’t know that we can change the privacy on those without changing maybe to a dedicated plan