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My own AWS S3 and privacy - S3 expert over there?

Hello all! I have setup a bucket on S3 to store files because of Bubble Storage limitations on personnal plan.

What I see is that when I copy a link of a file of this bucket, it is accessible from any browser.

Is there a way to restrict access to a bubble user ?

Thank you !

You should be able to do this via logins with amplify probably. Offload the auth system too!

Or read this first

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thak you for responding. I followed the zeroqode guide to setup S3, but as I’m not an expert, I don’t know where to start !

What does “offload the auth system” mean ?

wild guess… S3 admin on create the bucket → look to limit access “” at the app level"" by filtering with something like a request token.

in bubble, using oauth or some other std permissions filter, acquire the token that permits app-level access on the S3 bucket.

supply the token along with bubble login and or bubble sessions


Hi Sarah,
I’m working on (almost) the same thing … (with wasabi though)
did you find a good solution to achieve this ? (restrict access to your S3, only for users ?) thanks !

I’m actually investing on wasabi, there s a zeroqode plugin where it seems we can set private files

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