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I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with the following:

Here is what I would like to accomplish
I am trying to make a sport team calendar. Using Full Calendar or some other calendar, I would like each user in my app to have there own calendar. I have different categories of users: “1”, “2”, “3” and “coach”. Ideally, I would like users in group “coach” to be able to create events, entering all the details (title, date, time, etc…) and then select what athlete group this event applies to (1, 2, 3 or two or three of them). A workflow would then take the details entered by the coach and create an event in each users calendar for all the users of the group the coach applied this event to. The coach could also oversee everyones calendar and make any necessary changes or adjustments to events. Athletes could adjust additional data in events such as their performance.

I’m not too fussed about the workflow to create the events in users calendars, i’m more just stumped on how to have a calendar for each user.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out.


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This is what your looking for -

Hi Gareth - I created an app using the calendar plugin that sounds like similar behavior as what you describe. I created a Type called “Calendar Event” and in that I have the equivalent fields of Players and Coach in it (these are List of Users). I also have another List of Users called “Who can see event”. There are additional fields in Type Calendar Event too (ie start date/time, end date/time, etc). When creating / deleting / modifying events, i simply use searches on the people who can read / write the events and take appropriate action. Hope this helps…

I should note that I don’t “create” a new calendar per user. I simply have one calendar in the app and use searches of the Calendar Event data (which contains user data) to display the correct info for each user.

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Hi there, would this plugin allow me to have:

  • one google account for all the calendars
  • have any one calendar in the google account associated to any one user in my bubble app, but that isn’t necessarily associated to the google account containing the calendars


Do you think there is a way to have a field in Type “events” that is the user, and then in the workflow have it create multiple entries of the same event but each time with a different user in the user field, and then when displaying the calendar to users, only show the events that contain there user?

I created a little data structure which hopefully clarifies and is relevant to your app.
Name Field_Type
Sport ==> List of Text
Coach ==> List of Users
Team ==> List of Text

Calendar Event
Name Field_Type

Who can see event ==> List of Users

When you create a user, you could have a pulldown of the various Sports, Coaches and Teams that a user belongs too (Note those values may not be known when a user account is created so add flexibility in your app to handle that use-case)

When you create a calendar entry (“Calendar Event”) you’ll have a workflow to Create a New Calendar Event. Then you simply add the current Users you want to see that Event.

When a user is in the app, setup the calendar with the following:

In my app, I have two primary users and use a lot of popups that behave differently based on which of the two types of users I have. Reason being - originally I had a calendar instance for each of my two users types (so two calendar instances) but then I couldn’t share critical info between the two calendars. So stick with one calendar instance and use User characteristics for interacting (add, delete, modify) calendar events via popups (or some other user experience.

Hope this helps you get further along with your design.



Did you manipulate the calendar to do the following?

Coach is viewing the calendar but the coach has multiple teams. Team 1 and team 2. We have a calendar that shows all the events for both teams but the coach would like the option to only view one teams events on the calendar at a time.

I have seen this done in plug ins but I have no idea how to do it.

Hi @rachel.camp900 - I did not in my app but I modified my design to show you how you could accomplish what you’re looking for.
I added “Team” to the “Calendar Event” data type and then have a Dropdown to select which Team’s calendar to look at. So during the “Search for Calendar Events”, the value of Team is used.
This also means that when your app creates a calendar event, you need to capture which team the event is associated with (you probably knew that but measure twice, cut once :slight_smile:)


Done :slight_smile: Cheers

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