New "how-to" video: Automatically log a user out when they're inactive

Hey guys!

We got a handful of questions about how to do this, so we put together a short video tutorial on how to close tabs or log out users when they’re inactive for a certain amount of time.

It’s quick and easy to setup – check it out here.

Cheers, and happy building!


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I have gone through your video.
I am creating an education app, where students will log in and will get access to the basic course for only two weeks (without making any payment).
After two weeks that access should be blocked/denied and the subscription page should appear. Once he pays he can log in and use the app again.
Can you tell me, how can I log out the user after two weeks automatically if he doesn’t make the payment?

Thanks for the help in advance

Hi @wsu.app18, you should add a date field to the User data type and call it something like “Trial Expiration”

When the user signs up, set the value of this field to current date/time +(days): 14

Then create a conditional “Page is Loaded” workflow on the course page so the user is redirected once the current date/time has passed the user’s Trial Expiration:

When page is loaded only when current user’s Trial Expiration < Current date/time … Action: Go to Subscription Page.

That should get you going!