Did anyone created a knowlege base with Bubble

Hello guys,

I was wondering if anyone created some sort of knowledge base with Bubble.

And also if anyone uses for his app a knowledge base system like Freshdesk, Zendesk, … or an external support such as Olark, intercom.io, Zopim, …

For me at least I think it would be nice to know what are users doing inside the app (logged in users), where they find themselves lost because they´re requesting support always from the same page of the app, a knowledge base where they can find useful information, …

It would be nice to know how people are accomplishing this task of supporting our app users.

Have a good day everyone.

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I’m kind of did it, but as its an accessory to my main app, it’s pretty lame. You can crate a section, and an article, but it’s just it.

The voting system can be used (its my first app) - its base in UserVoice, when user/clients give feedback/create ideas, and the most voted takes attention to be developed.

You can create an idea and vote. It will count view, favorites and comments.

Still needs some features - editing idea, sharing it, etc.


Looks good @csfalcao

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I recorded a video. Sorry it’s not in english.

The first page takes a little to load, I was using all my net bandwidth when recorded …


Wow that´s really good looking one.

Nice work @csfalcao

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Hello @csfalcao

New to bubble. Trying to integrate a support like function into my app. Did you create your voting app using standard bubble tools or any particular plugin? Or did you make it all from scratch?

Thank you

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Just plain Bubble. Take a look at the city voting tutorial, it follows the same logic.

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You just saved me a ton of trouble.

I was trying to see if I could integrate the Zendesk API into my app but it doesnt seem possible now. Also, I’m not smart enough to build my own plug in so I was at a loss.

Thank you so much. Hopefully this works out.

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