Help! Configuring Message Thread

Starting a thread that is a bit detailed, but may help others.

I am trying to figure out the correct settings that will allow new messages written to be added to a thread on the left hand side, and when the threads are clicked on the left side of the page, the previous messages will display on the right including (subject line, other user in conversation, date/time and the message body).

In the mock environment, I am able to select who to send the message to, write the subject line, and body message, but when I click “send message”, it is not added to the thread on the left, and the contents are not displayed on the right, if that makes sense.

  1. Check Privacy settings.

  2. Check the database. Is the correct info getting put into the database?

  3. Check to see that there’s nothing weird on the searches for message threads on the left repeating group or in those conditionals.

  4. Feel free to make your app visible and PM me a link. I’m happy to review.
    5)(edit) Does it work if you remove [Reset Relevant Inputs] workflow?

Thanks! I am making some tweaks and will definitely reach out to you tomorrow. Thanks again!

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