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Help Connecting UBER API

Hi guys,

I need help from API experts out there on how to connect to the Uber API properly.

Is it GET? POST? Other form of API call that I am supposed to be using?

Hey @JustinC - you can see the Uber API implemented on our widgets site:

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@JustinC - I have made a posting on this.

I have got it to work part of the way, am getting some errors at the last step.

@vlad Any ideas on what is going wrong? Any help would be much appreciated !

@madras @JustinC
Did u follow the instructions (button on top-right corner) mentioned on the link that vlad posted ? If the error still pops up, let us know.

I’m not trying to integrate SSO.

I’m trying to integrate a deep link as referenced in the intial post.



I reviewed your examples and the documentation.

Worked like a charm. :smile:

The only issue I had was configuring the Uber Redirect URL. I had to cycle through some URL’s before it worked.


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Were you able to make it work with multiple scopes?


You need to define the different scopes in the in the initial OAuth request

That’s the crazy part. I read in the documentation that the scopes were space delineated. Is that how you set it up? I can get the token with just one scope defined. Not multiple.

I’ve set the scopes in the Uber dashboard

And the Bubble info.

Did you include the scope in each call? I haven’t done that.

That would be correct. Scopes are usually separated by space, not just for uber but also most apps

I’m getting this error. is this a bubble thing?


Put the scopes in a specific order where the PROFILE scope is last.
Uber doesn’t specify that in their documentation. :confused: