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{NEW PLUGIN} Uber Trip Plugin - Book Rides with Uber

This plugin allows you to integrate an Uber Trip Deep Link into your app. Users can click a button to open the Uber App on their device and start a trip to a predetermined destination. The Pickup Point can be preset as the users’ current location but the user can change this once they are on the Uber App

All you need is a pickup point (generally the user’s location) and a destination (Generally some location data from the database)

P.S You can use our UBER Client ID and Product ID or you can remove those and add your own (get them from the Uber Developers website)

The plugin takes the latitude and longitude of the pickup point and destination, so you have to set it up as follows.

Users will be able to do this:

Plugin Link Here - Uber Trip Plugin Plugin | Bubble

Plugin Link Here - Uber Trip Plugin Plugin | Bubble