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Help create CNAME record

Hi, I’m having some issues with Google Domains. Got to do with previous owner of the domain not cancelling their subscriptions properly and now I have to verify to Google that I am the owner of the domain in order for Google to help me.

In order to verify my ownership, they’ve asked me to
"Create a CNAME record through your domain hosting provider:

  • Label/Host: xxxxxxxx
  • Destination/Target:
  • Time to live (TTL): 3600 seconds / 60 minutes / 1 Hour"

I am new to Bubble and also have no experience with setting up domains so I’m not sure how to create this CNAME record in Bubble (Bubble is my hosting provider, right?). Can someone please help me?

the ISP should provide u a dashboard including DNS record maint
go into that and you should find tabs for CNAME creation
follow instructions per the OP

Bubble is the hosting provider for your app. The hosting provider for your domain is Google Domains. So this has nothing to do with Bubble. Here is how you can create a CNAME record using Google Domains.

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