Help Creating a List of Active Users on a page

Im wanting to create a list on my main page of all the current Users names that are logged and show that they are online, how would I do that?

Bubble, at current, does not expose a list of users with currently active (logged in) sessions.

However, you can create the notion of “active” associated with a user. Here’s a simple way of doing it: every user in your app has a flag for last_active which is a “date” field. Every time there is a page load event, you update the last_active field with current date and time. (If users might be staying on the same page, use a Do every X seconds (er, minutes) condition to check if they’re still active.

Then, your repeating group on your main page can be based on “Do a search for Users, where last_active is within X minutes of the current date and time.”