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Help creating a simple productivity app?

I’m trying to make a simple productivity app for myself, but I’m stuck :(. I’ve got the basic app working. I can add items to a list and delete them.

What I can’t do is add sub-items to list items.

Here is the app:

(let me know if I need to provide a different URL)

Any help is appreciated!

That URL isn’t working for me…

Thanks for trying. Not sure how to share it. Will try again soon.

Doesn’t work for me either. I assume this is your app and you have made it public ? I think we have had a problem with that before (might have been airdev’s messaging app ?). So it may not be you doing the wrong thing :slightly_smiling:

Alternatively, can you recreate this in the forum app (see the top of the page).

@Tommy did you make your app public?