I need to convert the value of the currencies inside INPUT, Example: When the user types the value in Input_Real, the value is multiplied by the current dollar value and is presented in the Input, Dolar. See the print of my application and the print of dolarhoje.com that I want to copy.

Run a workflow “When an input’s value is changed”

You can make it work in both directions by making sure each input is autobound and having 2 workflows (1 for each input)

I am trying the following action, but it is not working.ACAO

You need to remove that expression from the “only when” (leave it blank) and add an action below the workflow (Step 1).

The Action should be Data > Make Changes to a thing…
Select the thing you want to change and then add the field you want to change, equals, this expression.

And it did and it worked, thank you very much.

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