Help ! data not registering in Live version but works perfectly on Dev version


I am struggling because my app works perfectly in Dev mode but not in Live mode.

Users can do ratings and those ratings are sent to a database I created.

When I test the rating system in dev, the ratings are perfectly created as a new thing and enter into the data base created for this purpose.

In live mode, nothing appears. Actually one of 20 ratings I did as a test actually appeared in the rating appdata…

Off course all the data needed had been deployed from development to live.
The workflows are the same also. So i am a bit lost.

I use this workflow to create a new thing and im guessing the issue might be here…

Except Datas and workflow, what could I have missed that could be different from Dev to Live in this case ?

Thank you ! Is the issue that live database tab has data, live workflows tab has correct workflows but user actions in live runmode are not modifying database? Do server logs show these workflows running?

Hi, yes, the servers logs dont show the workflows running when the user actions dont modify the database.

so, once in a while, the user actions in live runmode are working properly and modifying the database, but most of the time (99% of the time), the user actions doesnt modify anything and in this case, no workflows appear in the server logs. Please submit a bug report with a typical user action to save/modify database that doesn’t reflect in logs and we can investigate.