Help delaying backend workflow triggered by Stripe webhook

Hi guys

We have a workflow that does the following:

User Signs Up → creates stripe subscription → we update the database with info reflecting their subscription

Concurrently, when their subscription goes through, a backend workflow is triggered by Stripe’s webhooks. Because we need this to run every month when their subscriptions renew (which happens without them taking any action once they’ve signed up), it also adds some important info to our database.

Ideally, when someone signs up, I need the backend webhook workflow to happen after the sign up one is completed. But Stripe is quick and the backend workflow happens too fast. I’ve tried adding meaningless tasks to delay the start of the backend workflow, but for some reason bubble seems to insist on completing the backend workflow before it resumes the sign up one. How can I delay the backend one?

Hope that’s clear, happy to expand on it if it’s not!

Could you not just schedule a different backend workflow to run in the future from the webhook workflow and pass whatever data you need from the webhook to the other API endpoint?

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That makes a lot of sense! Will try it. Do you have any advice/references for passing the data from the webhook workflow to the scheduled workflow?

EDIT: I passed the id from the webhook workflow to the scheduled one and it worked like a dream. Thanks @jacobgershkovich (good first name by the way)

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Glad you got it working! And yes, great name.