Help ! display by page repeating group

Hello, I try to organize my repeating group by page but it doesn’t work well because the next page displays the data of the previous page too to fill the 2 pages :confused: The numbers on the left side of the table remain the same too.

Here is the video : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Can you send a screenshot of your property editor for your repeating group?

Ahh haha it’s my fault I just found the solution, but how to display a number by line? Because when I change the page it doesn’t change the numbers on the left !! ^^

I’m assuming the numbers on the left are index numbers? if so, you will need to do some math to add a certain number to the index.

For example, if you’re on page 3 and each page shows 20 results, the first item should be "current cell’s index + (page number - 1)*20

I tested this but its not working :confused:
Can you show me a screenshot so i can reproduce ?? Thx !!

Just send me a screen shot of the property editor of this text field

Sorry for the delay !

You need the brackets like I put in my previous message. You need to turn them on in the versions tab of the settings page

Thank you it worked !

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