Help editing Zeroqode template

Hi all, I purchased a Zeroqode template (Loyalty) and need to make some minor structural changes. Please DM me and let me know your rates, and then I can share more about the scope. I’ve summarized below:

Zeroqode Loyalty template as-is includes Customers, and Businesses (e-commerce). The way Zeroqode has set it up, Businesses join and when Customers purchase their products, they earn points.

My iteration of this requires a 3rd party rewards catalog, not a user-generated catalog. It’s pretty straightforward actually, a peer-to-peer rewards program. When Businesses join, they will create a profile (private), and create Recipients. Businesses choose one of two billing plans (Pay as you Go, 4 cents per point, or Annual 3 cents per point with $500 initial charge), and then select the Recipient and amount of points they’d like to send to the recipient.

Businesses will purchase “Points” via Stripe billing on my end, and then choose to send those points to Recipients. Recipients will have a Rewards Catalog to choose from and I will need to integrate a 3rd party Rewards API for fulfillment.



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I would be happy to assist you if this task is still available. Here is my work portfolio:
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