Help figuring out how to do these advanced slider UI element tricks!

Ok (breathe) here are the requirements:

  1. A feature that lets you allocate 100 points among any number of slider UI elements, so as you drag one to the right it pulls the other elements left. Here’s an example with just two (I need to have the ability for the user to add more and name each one).

  2. See the actual number displayed for each slider.

  3. Set constraints for some of them, so for example you can’t drag one below 10% or above 20%—and display some explainer text will show when trying to move it below or above the requirements.

Sounds a bit much I know, but this is what I need… :slight_smile:


lol, you did say tricks right?

Haha, thanks that is interesting! And might help.

Also edited my title to be more specific to my current needs… :slight_smile:

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