Help formatting field

Hello friends.
I’m having a problem formatting a specific field.

I use google distance matrix api which returns me a value in minutes and seconds in text in a simple way. However, as I have to add several distances in the same trip on the map, the times are also added, in this way, I can’t ask for the given result to be in text, because the bubble does not add text + text, only numbers.

What I need then is a way that I can format the field as minutes and seconds as shown below.


The sum of time that appears is 3752, a whole number. But the real meaning is that this trip will last 37 minutes and 52 seconds.

In another example, it might appear that the total time will be 489, which means the total race time will be 2 minutes and 89 seconds.

I would like your help so that I can format correctly, since the bubble only returns integer numbers.

In the certainty of receiving your help, I thank you in advance.


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