Help! How do I copy a list of things, and copy/make new lists of things within thing as the same time?

Hello I have this set up:

Daily to do thing

Task thing

sub task thing

sub sub task thing

(all nested listed within each other from top to bottom)

I want to be able to copy my daily to do, as all new things nested/listed.connected below, so I can then edit it and not effect (in this case) yesterday’s to do list.

Right now my workflow is basically:

  1. Make a new day
  2. Copy list of Tasks
  3. add result of (2) to result of (1)

But the results turn out like this:

Daily to do thing (NEW)

Task (NEW)
>> sub task thing (ORIGINAL)
>>> sub sub task thing (ORIGINAL)

And then when I try and delete or edit the new copied info, the original copied sub tasks gets deleted or edited it from the previous day’s task or sub sub tasks.

I’ve searched and read everything on the forum I can, and some people suggest API, but have never used API before and have no idea how to structure/set it all up to get me desired result (all new content, including list of lists).

Any help is appreciated thank you!

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