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Using "Copy List Of Things" within other Things - what actually happens?

Would be useful to know generally how this situation is handled, nothing in the documentation about it… so i made the example as generalised as i can:

Say I have 10 things called “ParentThings” and each has a field “ChildData” of type “SubThing”.

Presumably each ParentThing can only contain 1 SubThing, (as ChildData is a “SubThing”, not a “List of SubThings”)

So if I use “Copy a list of things” to duplicate my 10 SubThings… where do they go? Will the new 10 replace the old 10, leaving the old ones orphaned? Or vice versa? Or a third option?

Thanks! Can hopefully simplify a chunk of my workflows if I know how this works.

It makes a duplicate of each thing, so you have an additional 10 SubThings without parents.
The new things are in a list of their own, which can be used in the next workflow action:

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Ok that makes sense, thanks!