Copy Nested Things

Hi everyone,

(I’m french, do my best to speak english :wink: )
It’s 2 days I’m trying to find a way to copy nested things. Seems I’ve already tried all possible ways… Bubble community is my last hope

Database is build like this :

- Name
- Boards is a List of Board

- Name
- Tasks is a List of Task

- Name
- etc

I’d like to copy a Project, with it’s Boards and Tasks

It seems that :
- we can’t create a new thing from javascript nor Plugin
- we can’t export/import nested things from CSV
- copy nested things in workflow

Does anyone have an idea ?

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(Je parle français aussi :wink:
You need to schedule an API Workflow and API Workflow on a list
You will need first to send the item to copy in API Workflow
This workflow will copy project, schedule API workflow on a list (the list of board). Don’t just send the This board item, but also Created project on step 1.
In The list of Board API Workflow, you will Copy Board, And update Project add Step 1 Board. Then Trigger another API Workflow on a list, this time on task list (don’t forget to also send the Create Board in step 1 to this workflow to be able to link the task to the right board).

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Depending on the size of your task list, in this step you should be able to copy the Board’s Task List as well and avoid running this next API Workflow

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Thank you so much, you saved my week end :partying_face:

Next time, I call you directly :wink:

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Yes Thank you, I can effectively copy the Task list directly as it has no children

That’s better because in fact, my dependance tree is 5 levels, and it becomes to be hard not to feel lost
(and my brain is wired for 4 levels only :sweat_smile: )

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It seems Bubble is lost during nested API Worflow on a list. Only a bunch of Projects / Boards are copied. And it’s not consistent, Projects and Boards are not the same each time I trigger the Nested API Worflow

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Same issue and I’m pulling my hair!
@bubble team could you advise?

Recuring API workflow are reliable for this use case, I’ve had no issues since I’ve been using them.