I need help news feed

i want the latest post to be top of my news feeds, how do i set that? right now the old post remains at the top whilst the news post are placed below…

many thanks

Try sorting by date. Maybe that will do it.

current date goes below…thats the setting i have. even if i uncheck the descending box nothing seems to change?

Ok, I see where you are at now, thanks for posting a picture.

Where are you displaying your results? In a repeating group?

BTW, that view you are looking at just allows you to view data, it is not displayed like that in your app unless you tell it to in the app itself, not on the backend.

so where and :thinking:how to i tell the app ?

What have you built so far? Maybe share you app or pictures so we can see what you are talking about better? :slight_smile:

Also I suggest looking at these: https://bubble.io/lessons

In the repeating group there is an option to sort: where you can’t put the creation date as a criteria and allow it to be ascending or descending. That should do it for you. I hope. :slight_smile:

I would suggest making this question a separate post to get the answer. Just because it’s sort of a different topic.

Yeah, but the answer is the same as it was before. The question is, “I want to do something when the user does X. How do I do that?” And the answer is, “Dude, you already know what you want to do so just DO THAT.”

To elaborate:

When Current User follows some other User, the OP wants to notify the other User.

OK, just do that.

What does it mean to notify the other User? Well, that’s up to the OP.

Do you want to send them an email? Send them an SMS text? Set some state so the next time they log in they see that User X followed them?

In any of those cases, just do that action.

These sorts of questions are extremely tiresome, don’t you think?

sounds easy to you guys but for me its not easy,

Here’s the question (again): What do you mean – that is, what do you want to do – by “notifying the user”? Just above, I presented 3 different ideas for what this might mean and what you might do.

Sorry about @keith, he is a little blunt sometimes. He is very intelligent but doesn’t have the best manners. I think its just a personality thing. He is probably just an INTJ or possibly a ENTJ which is totally ok. Bubble has a learning curve and it takes time to wrap your head around things. It’s ok. “Just keep swimming” and things will get better. We are here to help when we can.

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@J805 here is what i have so far that i have collected from discussions in the forum but i cant seem to make the right connections.

data type
user following>list of users
requested followers>list of users

data type
notification message>text


what am i missing here, please give detail in your reply e.g state where the workflow should begin and things like that…?i want my app to send notification to users who are followers of other users. one more thing i want a notifications displaying as a number on my notifications icon see image below

What I’m suggesting, actually, is that @withabed:

(1) Decide what it is that “notifying the followed User” means in the context of their app. Because only they can decide this.

(2) Once they have that goal in mind, that they attempt to build that functionality.

(3) They will find that much of this is easy and will learn a lot along the way.

The problem with the question, as posed, is that it basically says: “Design this for me.” Who is going to do that? And if anyone does answer that, what they answer may or may not be the best way for @withabed to really tackle this problem.

lol, you believe in that test.