HELP! How to I create a two different navbars?

I want to create a normal navbar that get disappears with scrolling but with a static navbar (built using a floating group) underneath. However, I cannot have the floating group with a top margin.

This is want I would like (This is an animation I created to explain it, I haven’t done this in bubble):
Nav Bars Demo

But this is all I can get:
Nav Bars Demo 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated, really struggling!!!

Hello, @freddie.kuetter you can try something like this:

The idea is create a floating group with your navbars:

The upper navbar need to be able collapse and animate:

Then we can create a conditional statement that hidden the navbar when scroll position is not 0:

You can see the editor view here:

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Thank you so much!!!
I’ll give it a go hope it works :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you, I have done it now and it works perfectly!!!

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