[Solved] How to create Accordion menu

Hi. I can’t figure out how to implement accordion menu with toggle state. Need help.

Ок, I did it by myself!)

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Willing to share that on the forum_app? :stuck_out_tongue:

How can i do it? and how to create Element template? now i use reusable elements

Just copy paste what you have done in the app (probably copy with workflows). Element templates are managed by us right now, but maybe I could add your element?


Done! But i don’t know how to make it userfriendly to customize in editor.

Where did you put this on the forum app? Can you share a link to the editor?

page AccordionMenu. https://forum_app.bubbleapps.io/version-test/accordionmenu

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So you have to add a new group / button / item each time instead of it being dynamic ?

Yeah, its all about i said upper. I dont know how to make template for dynamic item creation. Will be great if it be like with Repeating group or another component, where you can choose columns number, background color, etc


Thanks I’ll look at what we can do with it

This link seems to be dead. Any chance you can (re)share what you did?

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See other thread.

I see this one, but it doesn’t seem to be collapsing: :worried:

@vega.andrew You can check as i had modified in your page with a proper 2 validation. which will help you to recreate the same.

Elements Used:

  1. Button
  2. Group Element
  3. Text Element.



Hello, how do you get the code from this page please???

There’s a little square button on the right-side of the page that says “get now” - it’s a free plugin :slight_smile: