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Im new and learning daily how to bubble. I follow videos, replicate them and tweak workflows to my desired outcome. I am trying to replicate this navbar workflow from this video tutorial
However, when i get to superpose one group on top of another (as shown in video, Yes i did hide the group not desired) The groups intertwine in the elements tree; which doesn’t happen in the video. Any idea as to why that happens? I am not able to have a different Navbar appear when user is signed in.

Thanks in advance

The video is from 2020 back when Bubble didn’t have a responsive engine.
Did you set conditionals correctly? Make elements not visible on page load. Then do a conditional When current user is logged in the element is visible.

You can also do when current user is logged out this element is visible.

This should help. Don’t mind to ask more question here :v:

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Hey bestbubbledev, Thanks for your reply. All conditionals were set correctly, I beleive the responsive engine is responsible. When i drag one group positioned over the other “hidden” group, They then merge into one group. Which then doesnt relay the instructions or conditions.

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