Help. I need a genius! Error1000 / cloudflare? Website not loading after transferring to Cloudflare

I’m a non techie but I have used cloudflare in the past successfully. The only difference now is that my domain is originally coming from porkbun and not GoDaddy. I have a feeling it relates to the DNS records but they all seem to be correct so I am lost.

*edit: I am using IP addresses supplied by and I am also changing these same IP addresses from a previously functioning domain that was also on cloudflare. I have removed the IP addresses from the old one in my DNS records.

Click on the orange cloud to make it gray, wait 5 minutes, and pop a bottle of champagne :slight_smile:

Congrats on launching :clap::clap:

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Thanks mate! :slightly_smiling_face: just the A records or also the cname?

Just the A’s pointing to Bubble.

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