Error 1000 Cloudflare Issues

Hello all,

Our site is having issues with DNS. Bare domain works fine, www version does not and serves error 1000.

I’m seeing zero reason why our DNS isn’t working, since @ and www point to the same exact IP, as required by bubble.

I tried everything — I even tried removing our site from Cloudflare and using namecheap’s DNS to set my A records. I tried CNAME www to, no result there either. I submitted a support ticket a few days ago that has been unresolved, since this is urgent I thought I’d ask here in case anyone knew. Thanks!

Hello, were you able to solve the problem?

I’m in the same situation

The problem was on Bubble’s end for me. It took almost 7 days of downtime and bugging their support to get it fixed.

Do you have your domain at cloudflare or do you use a different provider to point your DNS at bubble’s?

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