DNS updated for Bubble's cloudflare records still showing error

the site is hosted on siteground, I don’t understand what is necessary to do. I have successfully connected domains on cloudflare with Google and GoDaddy but not SiteGround, I’m not sure if there is a specific problem with Siteground that prevents the website from connecting by simply adding

If you are able to help, please just offer practical tips I don’t care about the theory. I just know that the website will be faster with CloudFlare and am unsure what the problem is after adding the specified DNS records and seeing the domain not load at all

Hey @253digital,

Sorry to hear you are having issues connecting your domain to bubble.

I’m not sure if this would help, but maybe in the Domain Name input, instead of “www.cdsupport.org,” just input “cdsupport.org.”

You can also just transfer your domain from Siteground completely over to Cloudflare and maybe that would work?

Also, how long have you been waiting. Usually propagating DNS records can take anywhere up to 48 hours.

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Thanks AfterThought. I have been waiting for a few hours. I’m aware it might take longer for the records to propagate. I just have some anxiety about it because in the past the domains would update in minutes when I updated records and my client is eager to launch the site tomorrow or as soon as possible.

I will inquire with Bubble Support if needed as the app has been on a paid professional plan for over a year now.

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