HELP! I need to create an interactive scoresheet

Hi everyone !
I want to create an app to help me in my “horse show scribe” work. I want to have kind of an excel worksheet that i can fill up as my juge is giving me the scores for each manuevers. I am looking for maybe a template to start with or a way to import my excel worksheet? I joined a few screenshots of the documents i work with now and the excel worksheet i worked on. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


Bonjour Eve,
This is not possible to import your excel template but this is a good point to start and build your database. The structure of your DB will depend on a lot of things. You should start to focus on one scoresheet and work on it but with all other in mind for future dev. You may need a DB for “manoeuvres”, one for “competitions”, one for “athletes” (but this could be user), maybe one for “monture”? It’s actually hard to give you a specific answer but I’m sure this is something that can be built with Bubble.