Help! My App Went Viral And There's A Big Bug

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Thousands of new users recently joined my app, but unfortunately no one on iPhone can see the text box element in the social feed repeating group within the app - so they’re bouncing fast.

This is kind of time sensitive and I haven’t been able to hear back from Bubble Support yet.

I’ve tried everything. Does anyone think they might know what is going on and how to help?

Any help would be so appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you using a mobile app wrapper, and if so which one?

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Hi @aj11! Thank you for your help on this :slightly_smiling_face:

People are reporting that the app text element isn’t visible in browser (without a wrapper) on iPhone.

And the app text element also isn’t visible on the iOS App Store version (wrapped by Natively).

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

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Can you post some screenshots of the settings for the element? Do you have any conditional formatting on it relating to screen size or device?

No conditional formatting related to screen size or device on it, it’s so strange. Here are the 2 conditions:

  1. Essentially, it isn’t visible if the tweet data doesn’t contain any text to be shown (i.e. an image only tweet)

  2. And if a user edits their tweet, the tweet text includes the word “edited”

It appears fine on Android but not iPhone. Going to screen grab the settings! Brb :slight_smile:

Edited to add: Here are the layout settings.

Try removing that first condition and then viewing the test version on iOS to see if resolved. It is probably that though I don’t know why. Determining for sure if that is the culprit is a good first step.

Debugging is all about narrowing down what is causing something. So just keep narrowing down until you isolate what’s causing the issue. The next step after determining it’s that condition would be to add back one of the yes/no statements at a time and see which one is the culprit.

If it’s not that condition, or if you can’t identify how that condition is causing it, file a bug report with Bubble support. They won’t get back to you until next week though so best to try and figure it out on your own.

Okay, will do! I don’t have access to an iOS device at all. Would you happen to know if there is another way to check? That’s one of the things making debugging really tough.

Thank you for looking into this, @aj11!

I isolated the issue: There is something in this Regex expression that is interacting strangely with Bubble and making the text box elements invisible across all iOS devices (everything looks fine on Android and other devices). When the expression is temporarily taken out, everything is visible on iOS again.

If you’re a Bubble dev with some Regex knowledge and looking to get hired to do a contract to solve what part of this expression needs to be changed to fix the issue, PM me :slight_smile:


Are you just trimming the protocol and your url with this or something?

Note that not all regexes will work the same across browsers and that’s the problem here.

If you’re just getting querystring parameters or getting the path or something, aren’t there built in operators for that? (I think there are…)

Hi Keith :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into this.

I wouldn’t be able to use the built in Bubble “recognize links and emails” option because my mentions and hashtags in each post use links that I don’t want seen so the link text is instead being found and replaced through Regex. I understand that not all regex works across browsers unfortunately, that is what I am looking to solve for here.

For context:
This is what my post looks like when the built in Bubble ‘recognize links’ is not being used. It looks as I would want it to:

If I use the built in Bubble ‘recognize links’ in text boxes rather than Regex, this is what that same exact post above looks like. It recognizes the links that power the clickable mentions and hashtags (what I don’t want).

It’s a tough one. I may be misunderstanding your solution on this. Am I understanding you correctly?

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So the issue is that lookbehinds aren’t supported in Safari. I think there’s only 1 in your regex - it’s the part at the end in the form as follows:


Perhaps someone who is regex savvy and on a real machine can suggest how to rewrite this. (I’m neither at the moment, but that’s the exact issue most like!)

That’s really helpful, Keith! It feels like a bit of progress on this to at least know what part of the regex could be the culprit.

There has to be something that that part can be replaced with that works.

I’ve been doing a ton of Googling (while also trying to get through the support requests from the iOS group within the thousands of users who suddenly signed up for the app all at once). It’s been a lot, so any help moving the needle on this is so appreciated!

I know, it doesn’t seem like anybody has written a “make this regex iOS safe” app. :man_shrugging:

(You have my sympathies - I had a similar problem with iOS when I had written what I thought was an extremely clever regex and then the app in question barfed on iOS.)

That would be a life saver! lol

If you do happen to come across anyone in the Bubble community who is regex savvy and can put their mind to this, please send them my way asap.

You can never really tell when your app might go viral, but it sure does uncover all of your bugs all at once when folks start using it at scale :sweat_smile:

Hi there, @WorkWithJordana… apologies in advance if this reply doesn’t help, but I did find this thread, and whether or not it solves the issue, I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there in case you haven’t come across it. I figure anything is worth a look/try at this point given the time-sensitive nature of your issue, right?


@WorkWithJordana I think it may be what @mikeloc shows, but also read on stackoverflow

It would be helpful if you sent the text of the regex and an exmaple of the text with what should extract from.

If it’s a safari issue you could add a conditional to run a particular regex for those users. I’d say to try to get a sample of the data that inputs on the apple users machines.

Mike! You’re definitely on to something; I think this could point to the solution! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help on this (I’m on the verge of just turning off my app signups and turning the landing page into a waiting list page :upside_down_face: it’s been really overwhelming and anxious to get it solved asap).

So, if my regex that is not functional in Safari is what is currently as detailed below… How would I change the existing look behinds to match the line of thinking in the solution your found?

Regex pattern:

What u need to provide is: the text that goes into the expression and what comes out of it. (Paste as text, no pictures.) then someone might be able to help quickly.

Good that you posted the regex as ascii.

@mikeloc your suggestion is mine from earlier in the thread. :wink:

Do you mean the text the regex is replaced by? Let me know if this is the correct text needed to help think this through. Thanks, Keith!

Replace by:

Edited to include: The bubble forum won’t correctly display the replacement text but this is an image of what I’ve pasted in the forum reply…

So for example the text in this post would be replaced by the clickable post below it:

The above is replaced by this clickable version with regex: