Bubble bug? - Text field suddenly stop being visible

This morning (Europe) a specific text-field in my app stopped being visible.
Some strange things:

  • It is set to visible, no conditions or logic that hides it
  • This happened both in dev and live without any deployment being made the last days.
  • It also happens in with editor with the canvas placeholder text. It happens in the same way as for the users, the text flashes for a microsecond then disappears.
    When I check the debugger it says (visible=yes), and the data is there. It is just not visible on screen?

Did something happen in bubble the last 12 hours or so?
(Like some rules for how elements are rendered etc…)

Anyone else seeing something strange?

Or do I just need another coffee, and some help?

Sounds like the element isn’t big enough to show the text


I figured something like that, I solved it by just creating a new identical element and remove the old one.

The strange thing is that it happened in test and dev at the same time without me deploying anything.