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Is this the biggest limitation of Bubble?

I have been searching everywhere to try and find anyone who has had similar issues to this but come up with nothing…

I’m assuming there are a very significant number of Bubblers who advertise their apps through Facebook and don’t even realise this is a massive issue.

Basically, dynamic data and other elements do not render correctly on the in-app browser for Facebook. Essentially, for anyone who clicks on our ad in Facebook on an iphone can’t see our app correctly.

I have only just realised this issue and assume we have lost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands in revenue due to this problem since we’ve launched.

Every page in our app displays correctly in any browser except for Facebooks in-app browser. I have tried changing fonts to web-safe fonts but this doesn’t solve the issue.

Has anyone experienced similar? I presume this bug has been reported before but does Bubble actually have a working solution to this or are we just doomed if our sales channel is Facebook ads?

Attached screenshots.


Literally no Bubble apps I have been on can display dynamic data in Facebook in-app browser?! How are not more people talking about this?

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Http links don’t work either. @emmanuel

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Any workarounds discovered? Finding out this similar huge issue for my bubble apps today.


Yes, this is worrying…

We had apps working fine on Facebook’s in-app browser previously, but now having just checked it seems none are, at least in Apple IOS 14 (even Bubble’s own website is not displaying dynamic data).

I remember there were some issues a while ago with Instagram’s in-app browser not loading Bubble apps correctly, but Facebook always seemed to work fine. Alas, not anymore.

It seems to be loading certain data from the database, and not other things - certain fields are displaying (specifically images) whilst others are not.

Very frustrating for anyone who relies on FB advertising or organic FB traffic for their app (as we do).

Hopefully this issue can be resolved soon (but seeing as this post is already 22 days old, I’m not so sure!).


Has everyone on this thread submitted a bug report?

Edit: I have submitted a bug report. Please do the same as the “help needed” tag on the forum will not get attention from the technical team.

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This is concerning, as needless to say, a lot of apps will rely on social media referrals.


I submitted a bug report. For me I confirmed the issue started with the release of iOS 14.8 last week. Before that my sites were displaying fine.


@jess Is the team aware of this issue?

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It seems to be specifically an issue with dynamic data being displayed as a text, button, or a link.

Dynamic images work fine, and I can display text data in, for example, an input’s initial content, but it won’t display in text elements, buttons, or in links.

So it’s not an issue i accessing the data, but rather displaying it in certain types of elements.


I would say let’s file bug reports at The more we file the more attention we’ll probably catch from the Bubble team is my guess…


I don’t know if it’s possible (I’m a total noob in programming),

but instead of uploading your bubble link in facebook, add a firebase dynamic link that will trigger to open your bubble url in a native browser?

Just brainstorming here haha