Help ! Need calendar with vertical resource view


I would like to use Calendar as resource scheduler, one column per employee for example. Does anyone have idea how to make it? It is really necessary for my project, I searched absolutely all the plugins and I can’t get this result… (click on the demo link)

Yes, Air Calendar is exactly what you are looking for, you can create the exact same setup in your screenshot.

Air Calendar (Full Calendar 5.9.0) Plugin | Bubble

This is what it looks like in my app

It’s worth every penny.

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Hey, thank you !

But I have a question, after buying the plugin I have this message in the calendar Has it happened to you before? If yes how to fix it?

Actually yes, it used to be there all the time but I just noticed it’s not on my app anymore, it never messed with the functionality of the calendar though, but that’s odd.

does this calendar work within mobile pages ( width<480)?

Yes it does, and you can adjust how long the response time is from a user pressing it versus an action happening, which is great for scrolling on mobile.

But yes, one of my clients has 7 employees and lots of appointments through the day and they almost exclusively use mobile.

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