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Help Needed - Home Page Indexed multiple times and Incorrectly

Need some help with how my website is indexed with Google.

I have a website set up that shows up in Google results with the correct domain, BUT In addition to the website homepage Google results also shows the /home (which is what the index page is named, shown in the picture below as the ‘My Page’ link)

When the My Page link is clicked it goes to a blank page (URL is my and while the page loads it displays old Page Titles, such as My Page and Find a Trainer. The website was built off a clone that originally used the ‘Find a Trainer’ example app and I am shocked to see it still has a reference to that name :frowning: I do not want this ‘My Page’ (/home) to be a result on the Google search.

So I just signed up for Google Console and was considering Blocking the URL with the /home, but I was hesitant to do this as the /home page in my app is set to my app’s index page. Am I safe to block the /home URL if the index page is referenced to it?

Pictures showing the Google results and how the pages are setup in my app are below

Use the 301 redirect feature now inside Bubble.

Redirect /home to /index or / (i haven’t set up a 301 in bubble yet so not sure what it will acomadate)

This tells every search engine, not just google, to update it’s algorithm.

301 redirect is parmanent and thus google, bing etc. proceed with the algo update

302 is temporary and won’t necessarily update the algo.

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Great, thanks for the heads up on that!

Using a 301 redirect hasn’t worked, I made the change 9 days ago and still goes to the /home page.

I am guessing because at the 301 redirect part in the editor it says this

Which kind of goes back to my initial problem of Bubble going to this old URL, and this URL not showing what is on the page (because I guess now it is /index)

@emmanuel any ideas on how to fix a URL with the editor-page-name of your index page to actually go to the index page instead of a blank page?
example - my index page is named ‘home’ in the editor - so typing in ‘’ is directed to a blank page, instead of going to the index

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